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READ: Section Guidelines

Post by Faizal Refendi on Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:20 am


Over the last few weeks it has become apparent to the staff team that a lot of you are creating threads based around the same topic. By doing this it clogs up the forum with unneeded threads in other words; spam. This becomes annoying to other users and makes the forum sections a lot harder to browse through and find threads that they may be looking for. 

We ask that by posting in this section that you be guided by the following:

If you wish to show off your graphics we ask that you post it in one thread and that you do not make more than one thread unless it is another 'type' of graphic.

User requests
If you post a thread about showing off your graphics and you are taking requests from other users to make one for them we ask that you either make 1 request thread. In that thread you can include a form for them to fill out with what they want. Users must reply in that thread or PM you with what they want. Once the request is completed we ask that you post it in your request thread or your show case thread. Basically limiting you to have 2 threads about each type of graphic. 

We recommend that you have just the one thread for showcasing and requests. If we find you have multiple threads showing off requests/similar your threads will be merged together and you may be given a warning. 

All the current threads that go against this rule will not be merged but keep this in mind for future.

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