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READ: DGT Forum Rules

Post by Faizal Refendi on Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:31 am

DGT Forum Rules

1. Do not bully, harass or abuse other users; avoid violent or aggressive behaviour
Continued harassment of any forum member will not be looked upon lightly. This includes but not limited to any activity via private message, profile comments, replies to threads. Users must also be respectful of other cultures and traditions. Under no circumstances is racism tolerated.

2. Do not share any of your PII (personally identifiable information) to other users
PII includes email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, and school names. This applies to both your own information and that of other users.

3. Do not facilitate in illegal activity; avoid posting illegal or questionable content
Illegal or questionable content includes pornographic images or websites, overtly offensive images, hacking etc.

4. Do not engage in inappropriate conversation or avoid the filter
This includes anything which the Moderator thinks is unsuitable for a forum catering to people of all ages.

5. Do not post to provoke other users or fuel an argument
Users are to look over what they have written before submitting a reply to a thread in order to make sure that their response does not appear provocative.

6. Do not leave irrelevant replies
Irrelevant replies are either: (i) spam, which doesn't contribute to the thread; (ii) off-topic replies, which are not relevant to the topic; iii) one word posts; or (iv) replies that use "o/t" whilst simply saying a word relevant to a topic as a way to remain on topic.

7. Do not bump old threads.
Bumping refers to posting in threads that have been left without replies for thirty (30) days. Threads which are stuck in any part of the forum are exempt for this rule. For a special exception, please contact a Moderator.

8. Do not undermine an action by a Moderator
This includes restoring a post after a Moderator edit, complaining about a ban or infraction, and openly criticising a Moderator. If a user has an issue with a Moderator, we ask that they contact them in private via personal message. If a user has an warning or infraction issue, it may be reviewed by the person who has given him/her the infraction.

9. Do not avoid a ban by creating another account
Users who have been banned from the forum must not create a new account or use an existing account to avoid the ban.

10. Do not abuse the report tool
The report tool is only to be used if another user is breaking one of the forum rules. Users who need help from a Moderator should contact them in private via personal message.

11. Do not double post
Users are not allowed to make two (2) posts on top of one another. The only exception to this rule is if another player has not made a new post in that thread within the past twenty-four (24) hours and Moderators. Simply edit your post if you have something to add.

12. Do not post misleading links or thread titles
Make sure that the links in any of your posts are accurate and the title of your thread clearly reflects the content of the thread itself.

13. Do not post in the wrong section of the forum
Users are asked to look over all of the catalogues on the forum before they create a thread on the forum. Make sure that you choose the one that you feel best fits the topic of your thread.

14. Do not be a "back-seat Moderator"
Users who see another user breaking one or more of the forum rules are asked to use the report tool ([IMG]) instead of making a post inside the thread telling the user that he/she is breaking the forum rules. This will indefinitely decrease spam and avoid conflicts in the future.

15. Follow the appropriate guidelines when posting photos
Users are more than welcome to post photos of themselves, providing that they are not revealing any PII or showing too much skin. Users are unable to post photos of other users under any circumstances whatsoever.

16. Do not advertise
Advertising any other forum or a website that is in the same category as an ads-sponsored website (i.e. a hotel, minecraft server) is forbidden.

Rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice. As a member of the DGT PTSS community, you hereby agree and understand to the following terms and conditions above. Failure to comply with these rules and guidelines will result in a warning, infraction or ban from the forum and its services. If you have any further questions or concerns in regards to The DGT Way, please do not hesitate to contact a Moderator.
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