Bandwidth Theft or Bandwidth Bandit

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Bandwidth Theft or Bandwidth Bandit

Post by Faizal Refendi on Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:41 am

So, are you a bandwidth bandit !? How to know ?
Here's how: 
by The Alex,
Forumotion Member.

That everything you put on the Net has an address of type http://... this address proves that the image, the text, the music is hosted on the Net. Hosted means that somebody took this element on his computer and putted it on the Net. Each time you see the image or hear the music: your Internet browser goes at this address and charges what it is necessary for the place or it is necessary. Certain hosters make pay their loading according to the number of visits. I.e. If 1 person sees the image, the webmaster which made the site will have to pay 1 cent and if 50 000 people sees the image it will have to pay 50 000 cents, so be it 500 dollars. If you do not host yourself this image before putting it on your forum, the webmaster will have to pay when the image loads on its own site (what is normal) but also when this image loads on your forum. That is not only unfair but more, it's illegal. If you have the authorization to take an image: make a right-click on it, choose "Save As", give it a name. Then host it by your own means.

In conclusion, if you want to use or share either images, videos, sounds,
you have to ask the permission from the owner first. Then, only after
the permission is given, you need to host the file yourself "unless" the file
is already in an file sharing sites which the bandwidth used by you will not
be stolen as file sharing sites already have been optimized for this purpose.

Example: videos from youtube, pictures from free hosting (which is not copyright protected)
So, are you a bandwidth bandit !?
If yes, you know what you should do. Smile 
Be warned that stealing bandwidth is illegal on here, even the internet. You could be banned for this purpose and the right company could even sue you. Undo what have you done if you think it is wrong to protect yourself from troubles in future.
Also, to ensure the longevity of this forum, every of the users must follow the rules and avoid being a bandwidth bandit.

Dhalsim: Administrator on the French forum wrote:
Many forums who don't respect the rules are preserved to be able to provide to the legal authorities the list founders, administrators, moderators and participants as well as an access to all the posted messages, the backups and the logs of connections. From this moment it is not difficult to find the name and the address of each member. The procedures can take several months, but you don't be surprised if you are convened or requisitioned if you created or if you took part in an illegal forum.
Credits to The Alex,
Forumotion Member : For his post

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The statement above is
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