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READ: Section Guidelines

Post by Faizal Refendi on Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:17 am

These are some general guidelines everyone should follow, we don't have enough members for this to truly be needed... but its here for you to look at and consider!

Some small other things/rules that everyone should follow

1. This is the most important rule; you must remember this at all times because one day your very life may depend on it.

2. No flaming
Direct and uncalled for flaming will warrant a warning. Arguing is perfectly fine, but once you get to the point of insulting the other user then please take it to using the PM system . . .
Nobody but you and the affected party cares about your petty disagreement.

3 - Keep on-topic
In a themed topic please try to stay vaguely on-topic - don't go blabbing about how your cat had kittens in a thread about why your favorite song is awesome.
There's a perfectly good chat thread for that! Or just make a thread about it. Either works.

4 - Keep image / video macros to a minimum.
Please try not to use image/video macros in excess, in small quantities they are fine, but if we start seeing them every other post then we're going to have a bit of a problem!
This is not an image board!

5 - Grammar and Punctuation
Learn to use grammar and punctuation. Use of a spell checker is a good idea as well. "lol y evrone noes wat im sayin :confused:lol" is not something we suggest. Remember, a well worded post shows respect to the bronies that are reading it. Also, try not to have too many smilies and shorthand acronyms (like lol) in your post. It can get annoying.

6 - Constructive Criticism
Be constructive with your criticism; if you like someone's work then take the time to explain why you do, rather than cluttering a thread with random words like "Nice" or "Cool".
Similarly, if you don't like the work then be polite enough to offer advice on how it could be improved. It's not rocket science. This way, they can learn from their mistakes! You both win!

7 - Quoting Images
Try not to quote images. Quoting images, especially images on the same page increases the amount of data on the page, and thus more stuff to load when you open it. It makes it harder to load the page! Not everyone has an ISP as good as yours. If you want to quote a post that has images, replace the image URL with something like *snip* or *thisimage.jpg* or something. People will thank you for this.

8 - Banning and Staff Contact
If you have been banned, you may speak any member of the staff team via Steam, PM, Email, or any way you can contact them about it if you wish, but do not create another account to skirt around the banish. That will make it worse for you. We don't hide our information, and we're always available for you to contact.

9 - Gimmick Accounts
Speaking of making accounts, try not to make more than one account. And please, no gimmick accounts. Such as, making a Spiderman account, and then role playing as Spiderman constantly. Accounts with figurative names are fine, just know that there's a specific place for role playing if you wish to do so.

10 - Use common sense!
It doesn't take a clever pony to know what is and is not acceptable to post - just use your noggin and you'll be perfectly fine!

11- Don't mindlessly spam. It may be the spam section, but limit your posts to one every other user or so on.

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The statement above is
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