You want to request a badge for yourself?

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You want to request a badge for yourself?

Post by Faizal Refendi on Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:46 am

Introduction: So, you interested in making your profile looking better with badges?! you can request one!

Available badges:

Forum Default:
  [Proof that you can design] | [Proof that you can develop]

[Free to choose: No requirement]


Preview_2 :
[Free to choose: No requirement]




{Open the picture in new tab to see it clearly} 

More badges & ranks later <3
Credits: The Admin Zone [badges & rank] 100%

#Note that V.I.P, Support, Premium, Super Mod,Moderator, Owner, Banned badge & some others 
is allowed for certain members only.

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The statement above is
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